Bimini Bucket ListBimini Bucket List

Curious about what you’ll be doing during your visit to Bimini? Check out these Local Attractions to learn more about Bimini’s popular sites and tours.

Jump off the S.S. Sapona
Grounded on the banks behind Turtle Rocks by a 1926 hurricane, the S.S. Sapona sits half-exposed in only 18 feet of water. Following her wreck, she served as a staging ground for rum smuggling, late-night parties and target practice for U.S. bombing and strafing runs. Throughout the years, hurricanes have taken their toll on the ship but she still stands strong. Underwater, she is encrusted with invertebrate life and is a haven for schools of Grunts, Blackbar Soldierfish and numerous other fish. Check under the hull at the stern for resting Nurse Sharks. It is an ideal site for snorkelers, divers and underwater photographers.

Swim with Wild Dolphins
Swimming with dolphins in the wild is incredibly magical. Our ability to instantly connect with these curious and playful marine mammals, on their terms, is so powerful and transformative. The more energetic we become, the more animated the dolphins are in their responses. If we twist and twirl and dive, the dolphins will follow suit, mimicking our every move like a pantomime. It is like dancing with someone you’ve met long ago; it feels so familiar and pure, like being a child again. You cannot miss this experience!

For more information about Wild Dolphin Excursions, please visit or contact Neal Watson at or (242) 473 8816.

Dive with Great Hammerheads
In the ocean realm, few high-intensity experiences rival the excitement of diving among the amazing Great Hammerhead Sharks. When these remarkable predators gather in Bimini’s crystal-clear waters, Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center offers exclusive excursions to meet the Hammerheads up-close-and-personal. World-renowned for shark encounters, Bimini Scuba Center’s experienced shark wranglers and dedicated dive boats will make every Hammerhead encounter an event to remember for a lifetime. For divers seeking one of the world’s best shark experiences, Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center’s Great Hammerhead Shark Safari is not to be missed!

Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center offers Great Hammerhead Shark Safaris from December through April. For more information, please visit or contact Neal Watson at or (242) 473 8816.

Drink from the Fountain of Youth
One of the oldest historical landmarks in Bimini (and all of the Bahamas) is Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth. While tales of such a fountain have been recounted among indigenous peoples predating the 16th century, the prominent legend credits Leon with the discovery of Bimini’s restorative waters around 1513. Today, Bimini’s Fountain of Youth sits along the airport road in South Bimini under a scattering of overgrown Kamalame trees and consists of a small limestone well, a short walking path and a few painted benches. A tranquil refuge for birds and passersby, the romanticism surrounding this little haven is certain to make a youthful impression. Don’t forget to bring an empty bottle! The fountain’s fabled waters make for a priceless Bimini souvenir!

Soak yourself in the Healing Hole
Exploring The Healing Hole by kayak is the ultimate way to get personal with Bimini’s remote landscape and magnificent marine life. Before venturing out too far, be sure to procure some local knowledge regarding tides and currents as the trip can be a little tricky without an experienced guide.

For more information about Healing Hole Tours, please visit or contact Neal Watson at or (242) 473 8816.

Snorkel the Road to Atlantis
Located just a half-mile offshore, this unusual arrangement of stones inspire an array of controversy. While some argue the formation as proof of an ancient road or wall, others believe the stones to be no more significant than limestone bedrock. Either way, coupled with Edgar Cayce’s prediction (that the lost city of Atlantis would rise again somewhere in The Bahamas in 1968, which coincidently was the year the stones were discovered) and similar claims put forth by various geologists, oceanologists and historians, a trip down to “Bimini Road” is certainly worthwhile.

For more information about trips to Bimini Road, please visit or contact Neal Watson at or (242) 473 8816.

Visit the Dolphin House
Established in 1993, The Dolphin House (also referred to as “Poetry in Stone”) is an ocean-inspired museum, hotel and gift shop built by local Bahamian artist and scholar Ashley Saunders. The mosaic masterpiece, made up of conch shells, sea glass, driftwood and various other salvaged materials, is very much still a work-in-progress even after 20 years. In the words of Mr. Saunders himself, “Bimini has always been a place where people (are) coming and going. And where it sits, it will always be like that. And that’s what The Dolphin House is all about. People have contributed, have put their energy into it, have left items behind … The message is very clear what this Dolphin House is all about. It’s the true essence of Bimini, the place where Bimini’s history and heritage and culture lives on and is preserved.” Guests of the Dolphin House can also enjoy daily historical walking tours conducted by Mr. Saunders who has written three books about the history of Bimini.

Open from 10am to 6pm, The Dolphin House is located at 1111 Dolphin Lane, Alice Town, North Bimini. For more information visit, or call (242) 347 3201.

The Bimini History Museum
The Bimini History Museum and Heritage Centre were founded in 1995. Old photographs, telegrams and artifacts tell the story of our little island in the stream.

Open daily from 10am to 7pm. (242) 473 1252. Admission is free. Donations are accepted (and appreciated).

Learn more about sharks at the Bimini Shark Lab
Established in 1990 by Dr. Samuel Gruber, the Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation (“Shark Lab”) is a non-profit organization located on South Bimini. The mission of the Shark Lab is to advance the knowledge of the biology of marine animals especially the heavily impacted sharks and rays and to raise public perception and awareness of these species.

Please contact the Shark Lab on VHF Channel 88 or call (242) 374 4538 to schedule a tour.

Bimini Nature Trail
This self-guided walking tour introduces nature enthusiasts to the indigenous fauna and floral of Bimini. Colorful signage along the one-mile trail provides information about the White-Crowned Pigeon, Bimini Boa and other animals plus a variety of plants including Gum Elemi, Silver Thatch Palms and Poison Wood. For an added foraging experience, pre-order a copy of Dr. Renate Wilmanowicz’s Bush Medicine in The Bahamas.

Local Homecoming Festival
This annual event kicks off the Easter holiday in Bimini with a bang! Festivities begin at the Craft Centre where you can join the Bimini Men for Christ March and Gospel Rally on Good Friday. Afterward, the celebration continues across the street at the grounds of the old Commissioner’s residence, with performances by Bahamian artists, marching bands, Junkanoo and lots of fun activities. A variety of booths will be onsite where you can purchase Bahamian dishes, desserts, and cool drinks. The celebration ends with a boom at a beach bash.

Eat Conch Salad at Stuart’s Conch Stand
Stuart has been around for twenty plus years. Serving Conch, Lobster and Conch Bubby salad. Cold beers, signature rum punch and soft sodas from their bayside stand in Bailey Town.

Take a Dip at Shell Beach
Arguably Bimini’s most pristine beach, Shell Beach lies centrally on South Bimini’s undeveloped west coast. Head here for seclusion. The beach stretches out, long and natural, and calm waters typically prevail. The snorkeling is also good where reefs are. As the name implies, the beach is strewn with colorful seashells.

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